Is Android, Linux?

Let's find out. What is Linux? The Linux kernel. This is a small, but essential part of an operating system. The kernel is responsible for interfacing with a device’s hardware, providing services to the rest of the system, and performing tasks such as managing the device’s CPU and memory. The Linux kernel, like any kernel, … Continue reading Is Android, Linux?

Kali NetHunter for Android No Root

Hello my cybersecurity and ethical hacker enthuiasts. I have some news for you, okay old news but still exciting. Offensive Security recently released Kali Nethunter for Unrooted/Nonrooted Android Device. NetHunter Rootless Edition Maximum flexibility with no commitment Install Kali NetHunter on any stock, unrooted Android device without voiding the warranty. Prerequisite: Android Device(Stock unmodified device, … Continue reading Kali NetHunter for Android No Root

Standard Chartered Head of Wealth Management Kenya and East Africa Paul Njoki (left), takes the bank's Head of Retail Banking Kenya Edith Chumba through the T bills and Bonds trading process during the launch

Standard Chartered Bank Launches Mobile Traded Bonds & Bills

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Via Their App SC Mobile Have Released a Platform for People to Buy and Sell Local Currency Government Bonds and Treasury Bills. Trades less than KES. 10 Million will be completely paperless.

Kenya has now become a hotspot for cyber fraudsters and criminals. Cybercrime in Kenya is targeting banks and other financial institutions. [Photo/CPO Magazine]

Young Kenyan Hackers Making Money Illegally By Targeting Banks

A quick look at how and possibly why young Kenyan techies and nerds are turning into black hat hackers and are targeting financial systems and organizations e.g banks. Hint? This problem stems from the lack of job opportunities and security for the youth especially those in the I.T industry.

Privacy-Focused Messenger Signal is Ready To Take On Whatsapp

Signal continues to experience a stunning growth rate as the Play Store reveals that Signal has been downloaded between 10 million and 100 million times already. Combined with founder Moxie Marlinspike’s statement that more than 40% of Signal users are on iOS, you get a respectable (but still comparatively small) number. Of course, the foundation … Continue reading Privacy-Focused Messenger Signal is Ready To Take On Whatsapp

Safaricom Has Rolled Out 0110 and 0111 Prefix Numbers

Targeting: 2 Million NEW Users Safaricom (NSE: SCOM) has today announced the introduction of SIM cards with the 0110 and 0111 prefixes at all Safaricom Shops and Dealer Outlets countrywide. The new-prefix sim cards will be available free of charge with customers only required to activate their lines with a top up of KES 50 … Continue reading Safaricom Has Rolled Out 0110 and 0111 Prefix Numbers

Top 15 Cyber Attack Maps for Visualizing Incidents

What is a DDoS Attack? First, we must define the meaning of a DDoS attack. DDoS attacks are a main concern in internet security, and many people misunderstand what exactly they are. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to upset typical internet traffic of a targeted server by overwhelming it … Continue reading Top 15 Cyber Attack Maps for Visualizing Incidents

Top 15 Essential Open Source Security Software and Tools

Hey everyone? How are you? Today i would like to touch on security by listing(with links) The Top Open Source Security Tools i personally recommend. Many of these tools can be used by anyone. So let's hop in! Notice: If you are interested in testing these tools they are all available to download and use … Continue reading Top 15 Essential Open Source Security Software and Tools

4 Simple Online Security Tips

Hi! How are you today? Today i want to share with you 3 simple tips to stay secure in the cyber world and protect yourself from hackers. 1. Ditch Old Passwords, Get a Password Managers and TRY ENABLING 2FA. I believe the best way to stay secure i to have a password system. Build a … Continue reading 4 Simple Online Security Tips

Safaricom set to launch 5G network in Kenya

Leading telecommunications giant Safaricom is set to launch the 5G network in Kenya in a move that stamp the company’s authority in the communication sector. According to Acting CEO Michael Joseph, Safaricom has completed testing and trials for the upgraded network and will be ready to launch before the end of this year. The launch … Continue reading Safaricom set to launch 5G network in Kenya

Comfort the Depressed Among Us, Oh Lord!

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Hard Talk Kenya Reloaded


· “All creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together until now.” (Romans 8:22) Human suffering was great when that was written over 1,900 years ago. Many were depressed. Therefore, Christians were urged: “Speak consolingly to the depressed souls.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:14.

· Today, human distress is even greater, and more people than ever are depressed. But should that surprise us? Not really, for the Bible identifies these as “the last days” and calls them “critical times hard to deal with.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5) Jesus Christ foretold that during the last days, there would be “fearful sights.” – Luke 21:7-11; Matthew 24:3-14.

· When people experience prolonged anxiety, fear, grief, or other such negative emotions, they often become depressed. The cause of depression or extreme sadness may be the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job…

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FSociety: A Penetration Testing Framework

Penetration Testing also known as Ethical Hacking is the practice of testing a computer system, network or web application to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. It can either be automated with software applications or performed manually. FSociety is an open source penetration testing framework that consists of a variety of hacking tools … Continue reading FSociety: A Penetration Testing Framework

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Hey guys? I have been investing in both ethereum and bitcoin from time to time. And i can certainly say both have experienced much growth with bitcoin taking the lead. But I've always asked one thing. Which cryptocurrency is better? Which will last? How has and will they help the community at large? Now these … Continue reading Bitcoin vs Ethereum

How to Build & Deploy A JAMstack Website with Stackbit

For next to nothing and in 10 mins Hey guy's what's up? Well today i would like to thank you for your support and constant reading of this blog. I just got off an email with the founder of Feedspot Anuj Agarwa. And guess what guys. I just got selected as one of the Top … Continue reading How to Build & Deploy A JAMstack Website with Stackbit

Progressive Web Apps Part 2: Components

Hey everyone. So i hope you checked out part 1 of this series, if you didn't here's the link: PWA Part 1. Today we will talk about part 2, components. So component number one that is needed for a PWA to be a PWA is: The Web App Manifest This is a JSON file responsible … Continue reading Progressive Web Apps Part 2: Components

Formspree: The Best Form Submission Service for JAMstack sites?

Hey there? How are you? Today's Topic? Form Submission and Management for JAMstack and/or Static Sites. And if you dont know what JAMstack is go check out this post: JAMstack, Headless CMS and More Explained and Why They Are The Future of Web Development. I use WordPress for this blog(I mean it is obvious from … Continue reading Formspree: The Best Form Submission Service for JAMstack sites?

Progressive Web Apps Part 1: Introduction

Hi Everyone? Today i would like to talk about Progressive Web Apps. I will do this in a 3 part series and this is Part 1: Introduction. Go check out my post on JAMstack as a starting point: Why JAMstack, Headless CMS, PWA and Static Sites Are The Future. Progressive Web Apps are a methodology … Continue reading Progressive Web Apps Part 1: Introduction