How to Create a Simple Personal URL Shortener with GitHub, Netlify and an Affordable Domain Name

Hey guys. How are you? Hope you are safe! Today I’d like to help you build an URL shortener. So let’s dive right in. Create a GitHub and Netlify Account Create a new repository, name it whatever you like. Mine is links. Go to Add File and click Create New File Name the file _redirects. […]

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Resources for Building a Beautiful Progressive JAMstack Blog

Hey guys? We are back again this time i want to share with you the tools i used to build this project. I would like to thank the creators and team behind these tools. I use these tools regularly in personal and client projects. But they contributed a great deal to this project. Even though […]

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Building a Beautiful Progressive JAMstack Blog Part 2: Day 4 to 7

Hey guys? Today we continue to build building the beautiful, fast, SEO optimized, progressive JAMstack blog. If you didn’t check out part 1, kindly go do so here: So we are continuing with Part 2. Shall we begin? Day 4 Nothing much to do so i did a bit of research DAY 5 Here’s […]

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Building a Beautiful Progressive JAMstack Blog Part 1: Day 1 to 3

Hey guys? Today we will be building a beautiful, fast, SEO optimized, progressive JAMstack blog for free. Step by step. Shall we begin? Day 1 Choose The Best Static Site Generator. Weigh Pros and Cons. Research. Choice 1: Jekyll – Built on Ruby on Rails, Very Good Community, Extensive Knowledge, Used and Endorsed by GitHub, […]


FSociety: A Penetration Testing Framework

Penetration Testing also known as Ethical Hacking is the practice of testing a computer system, network or web application to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. It can either be automated with software applications or performed manually. FSociety is an open source penetration testing framework that consists of a variety of hacking tools […]

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How to Build & Deploy A JAMstack Website with Stackbit

For next to nothing and in 10 mins Hey guy’s what’s up? Well today i would like to thank you for your support and constant reading of this blog. I just got off an email with the founder of Feedspot Anuj Agarwa. And guess what guys. I just got selected as one of the Top […]