How To Add Dark Mode Support to the WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme

Great post. If you are a Twenty Twenty WordPress Theme user or you use Hugo/Gatsby’s ported version by Themefisher/Porter. Then this will benefit you.

Rarely Simple

Dark Mode is now here on most devices and supported in all modern browsers using the prefers-color-scheme media query. There are many benefits to Dark Mode support on our devices including accessibility, power saving, and personal preference. For example, when there are too many light or bright colors on the display the content becomes unreadable to those with certain vision impairments.

However, the next major hurdle in Dark Mode support are our websites and web applications. Despite the devices and apps providing a usable dark interface, most websites still do not. If you publish a blog, you can begin to better support your users by enabling a Dark Mode version of your website, blog, or application. Here’s a great article that goes into much more detail about Dark Mode and the prefers-color-scheme media query.

In this article, we will add Dark Mode support to a WordPress site using the…

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