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How to Create a Dev Environment in Windows 10: Part 1

Hi, guys? Long time, huh? Hope you are all doing great! and you are all safe and sound. Today i would like to help you create a dev/hacking environment in Windows 10. So let’s get right into it. First you’ll need to make sure you have a Windows 10, updated to 10th May 202 version(Windows […]


Windows 7 End of Life: Upgrade & Possible Alternatives

Hey guys, Windows 7 reached its end of life a week ago and i know how we still dont want to let go. Window 7 was released on October 22 2009. It has been one of the most successful OS. Recent reports show that it’s still being used by 39% of the PC users. What […]


Privacy, Anonymity and Security: The Wonderful Threes Part 1

Hi guys, how are y’all doing? Today we will talk about privacy, anonymity and security. As i mentioned in the previous post The Password Guide. Edward Snowden the guy who aired out the dirty laundry of several large corporations, who are reading, seeing and hearing every piece of data in the world. And i know […]