10 Anonymity Rules

Use Tor (Encrypted Browser, Proxy and Protocol).Use Tails (Secure OS).Use Signal (Secure Messaging App).Use Burner Emails.Use a VPN (A Non Logging and Non 14 Eyes Virtual Private Network).Don't Log In Unnecessarily.Use Private Browsing Modes.Use Duck Duck Go (Secure Search Engine with a Strict No Following Rule).Disable Telemetry Everywhere When Possible.Pair a VPN with something else, … Continue reading 10 Anonymity Rules

10 Internet Safety Rules

Keep Personal Information Professional and LimitedKeep Your Privacy Settings OnPractice Safe BrowsingUse a Secure VPN ConnectionBe Careful What You Download and Where You Download FromChoose Strong Passwords and Enable 2 Factor AuthenticationMake Online Purchases From Secure and Trusted SitesBe Careful What You PostBe Careful Who You Meet OnlineKeep Your Operating System and Software Up To … Continue reading 10 Internet Safety Rules

ProtonVPN Is Now the World’s First Fully Open Source VPN App

If you look online for VPN apps you’ll find quite a lot of them all over the place. However, while virtual private networks are mostly used by people looking to remain anonymous on the internet, a lot of VPN apps, particularly free ones, actively undermine that very basic aim by tracking or logging your browsing … Continue reading ProtonVPN Is Now the World’s First Fully Open Source VPN App