10 Anonymity Rules

Use Tor (Encrypted Browser, Proxy and Protocol).Use Tails (Secure OS).Use Signal (Secure Messaging App).Use Burner Emails.Use a VPN (A Non Logging and Non 14 Eyes Virtual Private Network).Don't Log In Unnecessarily.Use Private Browsing Modes.Use Duck Duck Go (Secure Search Engine with a Strict No Following Rule).Disable Telemetry Everywhere When Possible.Pair a VPN with something else, … Continue reading 10 Anonymity Rules

10 Internet Safety Rules

Keep Personal Information Professional and LimitedKeep Your Privacy Settings OnPractice Safe BrowsingUse a Secure VPN ConnectionBe Careful What You Download and Where You Download FromChoose Strong Passwords and Enable 2 Factor AuthenticationMake Online Purchases From Secure and Trusted SitesBe Careful What You PostBe Careful Who You Meet OnlineKeep Your Operating System and Software Up To … Continue reading 10 Internet Safety Rules

Windows 7 End of Life: Upgrade & Possible Alternatives

Hey guys, Windows 7 reached its end of life a week ago and i know how we still dont want to let go. Window 7 was released on October 22 2009. It has been one of the most successful OS. Recent reports show that it's still being used by 39% of the PC users. What … Continue reading Windows 7 End of Life: Upgrade & Possible Alternatives

How to Build Your Own Pentesting/Hacking Lab

If you’re interested in a career in penetration testing then testing your skills is a must. Having your own home penetration test lab is a great way to test new pentesting skills and penetration testing software. Practicing is always the best way to improve your skills, however, the problem with hacking is that any real-world … Continue reading How to Build Your Own Pentesting/Hacking Lab

Tech Terms You Should Know

Bellow are some common tech terms and their meanings. For reference, bookmark this article. More coming soon. 1. Bits and Bytes A bit is a short term of the binary digit where it is the smallest unit of the measurement in computing. As well as, the collection of 8 bits is considered as 1 byte. … Continue reading Tech Terms You Should Know

The Beginner’s Guide to Virtualization

Hey guys, how are y'all doing? It's a good day isn't it? Today we will touch on virtualization and Virtual machines. Have you ever wanted to shift from Windows to Linux but you were afraid of not liking it? Are an aspiring white hat(ethical hacker) looking for a way to test your skills? Or do … Continue reading The Beginner’s Guide to Virtualization