The 5 Phases of Hacking

In this post, we are going to learn the 5 phases of hacking which is used when hacking into systems. These are the phases which a typical hacker goes through in order to successfully compromise a system. 1. Reconnaissance So the first phase of hacking is reconnaissance. Also known as Information Gathering. It is done … Continue reading The 5 Phases of Hacking

Kenya has now become a hotspot for cyber fraudsters and criminals. Cybercrime in Kenya is targeting banks and other financial institutions. [Photo/CPO Magazine]

Young Kenyan Hackers Making Money Illegally By Targeting Banks

A quick look at how and possibly why young Kenyan techies and nerds are turning into black hat hackers and are targeting financial systems and organizations e.g banks. Hint? This problem stems from the lack of job opportunities and security for the youth especially those in the I.T industry.

Most Common Hacking Techniques

What Are Top 10 Common Hacking Techniques? PhishingDenial of Service [ DoS/DDoS ]Waterhole attacksFake WAPEavesdroppingKeyloggingVirus, TrojanClick JackingCookie theftBait & switch Phishing When a hacker uses phishing, he usually replicates a very popular site with the idea of making the user sign in and use his credentials in there. The hacked information will be used on the … Continue reading Most Common Hacking Techniques

Kenya’s Cyber Insecurity

Hey guys, i am back again with another article, and today i want to touch a bit on Kenya's Cybersecurity issue. Most of us have heard the NEWS, Kenya has a major cybersecurity issue. Kenya has the highest internet penetration in Africa with over 31 million people having access to the internet, according to a … Continue reading Kenya’s Cyber Insecurity

Massive ‘Collection #1’ Breach Exposes 777 Million Emails, 22 Million Passwords

Hey guys, how are y'all doing? Another massive data dump has just occurred. And as the title says it's big and serious. I'll post links to help you check out if your passwords or emails are part of the dump. My advice, whether or not you find your data, go change your password to a … Continue reading Massive ‘Collection #1’ Breach Exposes 777 Million Emails, 22 Million Passwords

Types of Hackers: Which Hat Fits You?

Hey guys, we are back again with another informative post. Which hat do you think fits you or that friend you know knows hacking? To start is to define a hacker: A hacker is a person with specific skill sets, they use to access computers/laptops/servers/data/information without anyone knowing or gaining authorization/a password. Now there are … Continue reading Types of Hackers: Which Hat Fits You?