10 Anonymity Rules

Use Tor (Encrypted Browser, Proxy and Protocol).Use Tails (Secure OS).Use Signal (Secure Messaging App).Use Burner Emails.Use a VPN (A Non Logging and Non 14 Eyes Virtual Private Network).Don't Log In Unnecessarily.Use Private Browsing Modes.Use Duck Duck Go (Secure Search Engine with a Strict No Following Rule).Disable Telemetry Everywhere When Possible.Pair a VPN with something else, … Continue reading 10 Anonymity Rules

10 Internet Safety Rules

Keep Personal Information Professional and LimitedKeep Your Privacy Settings OnPractice Safe BrowsingUse a Secure VPN ConnectionBe Careful What You Download and Where You Download FromChoose Strong Passwords and Enable 2 Factor AuthenticationMake Online Purchases From Secure and Trusted SitesBe Careful What You PostBe Careful Who You Meet OnlineKeep Your Operating System and Software Up To … Continue reading 10 Internet Safety Rules

Tor, Proxychains and VPNs

Debunked! Hey guys! How are you doing? I am back with another post. Today i want to debunk, and explain how Tor and Proxy chains work. What they are. And how to truly become anonymous. Anonymity is an interesting protective weapon, whether inside or outside the computer network. In this post I’ll introduce two basic … Continue reading Tor, Proxychains and VPNs

Privacy, Anonymity and Security: The Wonderful Threes Part 1

Hi guys, how are y'all doing? Today we will talk about privacy, anonymity and security. As i mentioned in the previous post The Password Guide. Edward Snowden the guy who aired out the dirty laundry of several large corporations, who are reading, seeing and hearing every piece of data in the world. And i know … Continue reading Privacy, Anonymity and Security: The Wonderful Threes Part 1

Privacy, Security and Anonymity Mini Guide & Links

Security Policies and Resources   A list of resources for the security conscious tech-users. Operation security, incident response and help guides. Just right click on any link and open in a new tab. Make sure to bookmark this site for reference.   Info-Sharing Classification   Red Alert List (Don't Share)   Passwords Real, full (family) … Continue reading Privacy, Security and Anonymity Mini Guide & Links