Resources for Building a Beautiful Progressive JAMstack Blog

Hey guys? We are back again this time i want to share with you the tools i used to build this project. I would like to thank the creators and team behind these tools. I use these tools regularly in personal and client projects. But they contributed a great deal to this project. Even though … Continue reading Resources for Building a Beautiful Progressive JAMstack Blog

Standard Chartered Head of Wealth Management Kenya and East Africa Paul Njoki (left), takes the bank's Head of Retail Banking Kenya Edith Chumba through the T bills and Bonds trading process during the launch

Standard Chartered Bank Launches Mobile Traded Bonds & Bills

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Via Their App SC Mobile Have Released a Platform for People to Buy and Sell Local Currency Government Bonds and Treasury Bills. Trades less than KES. 10 Million will be completely paperless.

Kenya has now become a hotspot for cyber fraudsters and criminals. Cybercrime in Kenya is targeting banks and other financial institutions. [Photo/CPO Magazine]

Young Kenyan Hackers Making Money Illegally By Targeting Banks

A quick look at how and possibly why young Kenyan techies and nerds are turning into black hat hackers and are targeting financial systems and organizations e.g banks. Hint? This problem stems from the lack of job opportunities and security for the youth especially those in the I.T industry.

Safaricom set to launch 5G network in Kenya

Leading telecommunications giant Safaricom is set to launch the 5G network in Kenya in a move that stamp the company’s authority in the communication sector. According to Acting CEO Michael Joseph, Safaricom has completed testing and trials for the upgraded network and will be ready to launch before the end of this year. The launch … Continue reading Safaricom set to launch 5G network in Kenya

Why Kenya is One of The Leading Countries Going Cashless

Surprising isn't it? How Kenya a 3rd World Country is leading the world in becoming a cashless society. You want to know why? Now before i go to far. I was once asked by a European. Is Kenya a city? Umm No. Africa is a Continent and Kenya is a Country. Now to get to … Continue reading Why Kenya is One of The Leading Countries Going Cashless

Why Big Tech Firms Want A Piece Of Finance

Every once in a while i encounter such headlines during my research: Tech giants in financial servicesTHE TECH COMPANIES IN PAYMENTS REPORT: How technology giants are using their reach and digital prowess to take on traditional banksBig tech firms like Amazon are eager to eat the banking industry’s lunchEvery Tech Company Wants to Be a … Continue reading Why Big Tech Firms Want A Piece Of Finance

Top Feature Rich Budget Smartphones 2019

This year has definitely been for the budget smartphones. Seeing the likes of the Tecno Camon 12 series and others. Black Friday is coming soon and it's the best time to buy smartphones, TVs, and more(If i see a better offer than these i will update the URL for now kindly use the URLs as … Continue reading Top Feature Rich Budget Smartphones 2019

Kenya National Development Site (NDITC) Defaced By Hackers

The National Development Implementation Technical Committee’s (NDITC) online page has been defaced by the same hacker group (allegedly) that just intruded IFMIS website. This makes it the second government-related website to see attacks from online criminals who take advantage of security lapses to toy with sites. Note: the National Development Implementation Technical Committee was created … Continue reading Kenya National Development Site (NDITC) Defaced By Hackers

Public Services Portal IFMIS Hacked

The government of Kenya has been on a path to avail its services on online platforms. One of its platforms, the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), was devised back in 2014 to allow tender applicants and suppliers who want to do business with the government submit their applications without making a physical appearance at … Continue reading Public Services Portal IFMIS Hacked

Business Registration 101

How to Register a Company in Kenya – Registering a Company in Kenya – Companies Act 2015 Company Registration in Kenya: The new Companies Act 2015 has been commenced. This is the primary legislation that deals with registering a company in Kenya and applies to companies directly. A number of the processes involved in the registration … Continue reading Business Registration 101

Kenya’s Cyber Insecurity

Hey guys, i am back again with another article, and today i want to touch a bit on Kenya's Cybersecurity issue. Most of us have heard the NEWS, Kenya has a major cybersecurity issue. Kenya has the highest internet penetration in Africa with over 31 million people having access to the internet, according to a … Continue reading Kenya’s Cyber Insecurity