Kenya has now become a hotspot for cyber fraudsters and criminals. Cybercrime in Kenya is targeting banks and other financial institutions. [Photo/CPO Magazine]

Young Kenyan Hackers Making Money Illegally By Targeting Banks

A quick look at how and possibly why young Kenyan techies and nerds are turning into black hat hackers and are targeting financial systems and organizations e.g banks. Hint? This problem stems from the lack of job opportunities and security for the youth especially those in the I.T industry.

Why Big Tech Firms Want A Piece Of Finance

Every once in a while i encounter such headlines during my research: Tech giants in financial servicesTHE TECH COMPANIES IN PAYMENTS REPORT: How technology giants are using their reach and digital prowess to take on traditional banksBig tech firms like Amazon are eager to eat the banking industry’s lunchEvery Tech Company Wants to Be a … Continue reading Why Big Tech Firms Want A Piece Of Finance