Hey guys, my name is Stephen Ajulu, and here is my setup!

*Theme Song Starts Playing Here*

As a geek, ethical hacker, I.T student and consultant, i have a few toys i like to play with 😎.

“Men dont grow up, they just get bigger better toys” πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ.

They Said(i don’t know who they are)


HP Elitebook 840 Gen 2(Matte Black):-
Processor: Intel Core i7 -5600U processor clocked at 2.60Ghz 4 threads (yea a bit old but it does it’s job).
R.A.M: 12 Gb DDR4
Graphics(Hybrid): Intel HD 5500 and AMD Radeon R7 M260X 1GB GDDR5 RAM
Storage: 750 Gb Hard Drive
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Edition.
This is my daily driver, i surf, game, blog, graphic design, web develop, watch movies and hack :- Using Vmware Workstation with Kali Linux(Pentesting OS of choice), Ubuntu, Netcop, Metasploitable, Damn Vulnerable Machines(2), Window 7,8,10, Manjaro Cinnamon, Remix Os(android) and Linux Mint.


Nokia 6(Matte Black):-
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Processor clocked at 1.40GHz x 8(Octa-core)
Storage: 64 GB
Operating System: Android 7.1.1
This is my primary device, it has Termux(With Kali Nethunter rootfs and a few ported and compiled scripts and tools) and Userland(Ubuntu, Arch Linux rootfs) installed, i use it for places i cannot carry my laptop and of course communication and social media.
It also contains a lot of other apps you can read about here: Apps I Run on my Smartphone.


  • Panda PAU05 for Wi-Fi pentesting(Monitor Mode)
  • Ethernet cable(CAT5E)
  • AUX cable
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • HP Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • Earphones
  • 13 USB Drives
  • 54 Screwdriver set(Magnetic)
  • 750 Gb External Hard Drive
  • 3 Micro USB’s(One supports Fast Charging, if that’s even possible)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Feature Phone
  • 5000mAh Powerbank
  • Tablet Keyboard(For typing on my Nokia)
  • USB Mouse
  • Tech Bag(small bag for carrying all these stuff)
    Among others
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10 DVD Installation drives(Both 32 and 64 bit)
  • Hirens Boot CD
  • Kali Live Persistence USB Driver
  • Pliers with Cable Cutter
  • Extra 4gb RAM(I dont know why i keep it around)
This is in February 2019, Some things are missing. As of May, i added more peripherals.


Laptop: Dell XPS 15″ or Macbook Pro 2019 version
With a Core i7 8th Gen Octa Core Processor
16 Gb R.A.M
250 Gb M.2 + 1 Tb SATA SSD
Dual Band Wi-Fi Card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI Graphics Card
Backlight Keyboard
1080p FHD Screen
Windows Hello
At least 1 thunderbolt or USB c port
A DVI port

Desktop: I just need 2 monitors. No need for a desktop when i have a powerful laptop, unless i start a YouTube channel or i require a more powerful PC for resource hungry jobs

Android: Oneplus Six (6) or 7
I won’t go into details here

Server: 12Tb HDD 32Gb RAM
For my companies(OwlSec Technologies, SAOA inc and Ajulu’s Thoughts) and am planning to start providing online virtual machines at a cheap cost including Kali Linux, so that cybersecurity and hacking enthusiasts can practice without causing damage.

Alfa AWUS051NH Dual Band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz + Yagi Antenna – For Monitor Mode and Packet Injection
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B plus Complete Kit(2)
USB Rubber Ducky (4)
Bluetooth Speaker(15 Watts) with AUX in, Micro SD card, Microphone and USB port
Wi-Fi Pineapple
Rode SmartLav+
Adobe Creative Suite
Magnetic Full Screwdriver Set
30 USB Thumb Drives(USB 3.0 please)
Canon EOS 80D
20000 MAh Power Bank
Bash Bunny
RTL Software Defined Radio R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with 2x Telescopic Antennas
Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit with GPIO Pins(5)
Tactical Lightweight Bag
Gemini PDA
GPD Pocket 2

And guys i know some of these things are far fetched. They are not set objectives, i prefer climbing slowly, and by that i mean scaling. But do i say, isn’t a person allowed to dream?

Anyway guys that’s my current and dream setup. If you are a fan, you could buy something as a gift πŸ˜‰ or Donate.

You have a good day! Don’t forget that gift/donation πŸ˜‰. That’s it for today.

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