The Apps Ajulu Uses On His Android Phone: Nokia 6 2017

Hey guys, how are you doing? It’s Ajulu’s Thoughts back again with another post: The Apps Ajulu Uses On His Android Phone(Nokia 6 2017)

Now a brief intro to who Ajulu is and his device specs. Ajulu is the founder, author and editor in chief of Ajulu’s Thoughts. A tech blog that has been steadily growing. Last year Ajulu’s Thoughts reached 100 views, this year we have been slowly rising to 200 views(might not sound as an accomplishment but to us it is) we went from 1 writer: Ajulu and now we have 3 writers. The reason you haven’t seen them around is because they are researching on their upcoming posts.

Now to Ajulu’s device, i(Ajulu) have a Nokia 6 Ta-1000, 2017 version running Android 7.1.1. Screen estate is 5.5 inches with HD. I also have 4gb Ram and 64gb Internal. It’s running an octa core processor: Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430(a slightly old processor but nevertheless efficient). For more specs please do refer to my other post: Nokia 6: The Durability Phone Comeback

Now sometime back i mentioned how smartphone manufacturers are trying to make desktops and laptops obsolete. I have heard of a phone with 32gb Ram, 320gb internal memory and an incredible 16 core processor: this is insane! Anyway back to the topic, this is my only phone, i use it to do a lot of things, i run it in desktop mode using Sentio Desktop(a launcher with desktop mode) and Scrcpy(ADB Mirror Screen for those who have a laptop or desktop with ADB configured), i run linux on it(Using UserLAnd and Termux), i hack with it(Termux with Kali NetHunter and UserLAnd with Kali Linux Rootfs in it), i check my files from USB drives and external hard drives using USB OTG(on the go), i blog with it(WordPress app), i take professional photos with it(it has 16 mega pixel back with a pro mode camera app and i use Snapseed & Photoshop Express to edit them) and many other apps i use.

Today I’ll break them down. So without further ado!


Advanced Search – This helps me when researching, it’s a google dork app aka advanced search for Google. Helps me find documents, movies, etc.
APK Editor – This is precisely that, it helps me view apk files, manifest files, etc. It can also edit them, remove invasive permissions among others.
Backdrops – This is just a wallpaper app i was trying. Helps get device tailored wallpapers(not so well)
Barcode Generator – I use this to generate bar codes for my products(Quevant e-Store) and also generates QR Codes for Business Cards, etc.
Bible – Yes, i am a Christian and i read the Bible using this app.
Binaural Beats Therapy – This app generates beats known to influence brain waves and state. Some of the beats it generates positively affect and increase intelligence, knowledge absorption, sleep. What are binaural beats:The word binaural means “having or relating to two ears”. This represents the process, which works by simultaneously sending a marginally different sound frequency to each ear through headphones. Brainwave entrainment happens inside the brain, and is caused by a physiological response. Upon hearing two tones of different frequencies – sent simultaneously to the left and right ears – the brain perceives a third tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies.The brain then follows along at the new frequency and produces brainwaves at the same rate of Hertz (Hz). To know more about Binaural Beats, refer here:
Bitwarden – This is my password manager of choice. I store all my passwords in it and it helps me generate stronger password. I used to use LastPass until i heard of how it is selling users data. So i switched to this.
bVNC free – This is a VNC client/viewer, i use it to run UserLAnd rootfs Graphically. It is their choice, so i just use it. Wish they would use VNC Viewer but….

CamFind – This app helps me identify anything. It is a reverse image search app. It can locate products, plants, and other items.
Codeza – I use this app for reference and learning programming languages. It has a catalog of more than 10 programming languages.
ConnectBot – This app is usefull when connecting to devices and linux via SSH and Telnet. It is a SSH and Telnet client. Used to connect to their respective servers.
CPU-Z – This shows me my device’s specs from CPU to Battery.

Cryptography – Is a great learning tool for Cryptography and encryption, not only that, you can encrypt text, etc. You can learn different kinds of encryption. How strong they are. Etc.
Cybrary – This app belongs to my favorite online school: You can learn anything I. T and Cybersecurity related. Half of all courses are free. The other half, you either pay for the certification or the exam. I recommend it over all the I. T learning sites/apps
Deskdock – This app enables me to share my laptop’s keyboard and touch pad with my smartphone. It is great for multi tasking for when am running Linux on my smartphone and something else on my laptop.
DNS Speed Test – This enables me to pinpoint the fastest DNS in my area. (Domain Name Server aka The Address Book of The Internet an essential tool for browsing)
DroidEdit – Used for editing and programming on the go. Not so fancy or feature filled but still useful.
Duolingo – Useful for learning languages on the go. I Speak French bytheway 😏😜
Electroneum – I use this app to mine electroneum, it isn’t like other smartphone miners that overheat your device.
Enki – This app gives me daily workouts to boost my programming skills. It gives you mini exams.
Evernote – Feature filled note taking app, though has some privacy issues, so i blocked it from using the net unless i want it to using NetGuard which I’ll talk about below. It’s the best for me, i tried alternatives they are just crappy.
EXIF Toolkit/EXIFtool – Metadata is one of the most important things to hackers, your photos on social media could be telling hackers exactly where you live (Remove the Location permissions for your camera apps) I use this to read and alter my photo’s metadata. I also use it to read and edit other people’s metadata with their permission of course.
Extended Search for Google – Same as the first app, Google dorking, Google hacking, Google manipulating. Just search “Google Dorking” to learn more.
F-Droid – The best replacement for Play Store, offers FOSS-A: Free and Open Source Software for Android. It has a lot of security, privacy and anonymity tools but also has other regular apps.
Fing – My favorite network scanner. Can identify 96% of devices in the Wi-Fi network my device is in. It shows devices that are in, their ip addresses and their mac addresses as well.
Firefox – My favorite browser. I have hardened it according to my liking. I use it on my laptop as well. More secure and privacy oriented that Google Chrome, Edge and others. Google Chrome is part of Google and is collecting user data and sending them back to Google then back to the NSA, veiw my previous blog post to know more:Privacy, Security and Anonymity:The Wonderful Threes
FirstAid – Sh!t happens, better have some skills ready or one of these apps. You could save a life. Yours or Another.
Fiverr – This app enables me to showcase and sell my skills for profit, at the time of writing this, i am waiting for clearance on 800 bob that i earned from designing a business card with a QR code.
FX/FX Edit – This is my second favorite file manager, browser and explorer. My favorite is MiXplorer from XDA. I’ll talk about it below.

Geek App 3.0 – is a tutorial app for geeks, I. T Enthusiasts and hackers. I learned alot of tips and tricks from this app.
GeeksforGeeks – Another useful tutorial app like Geek App.
Geopoll – Skipped because it’s no longer working. It was an app that gave you surveys to fill and in tern gives you credit/air time. No longer gives surveys or any kind of way to make money.
GlassWire – Is a network monitoring tool. Helps me see how apps behave with internet enabled. To see if the phone home(send my sensitive or personal data to their developers or Facebook, check my previous post on how apps send data to Facebook, you are being mined for data. How else do you think the bring personalized data: Investigating App Interactions with Facebook by Privacy International
Google Search Secrets – Same as the first one. Google Dorks, Google Dorking, Google Hacking.
Grasshopper – Learn programming on the go.
guilt_ – My current app icon theme.
Hacker’s Choice – Hackers and Geeks tutorials app.
Hacker’s Keyboard – Useful when am in the terminal/termux/UserLAnd. Has special keys:- Up, Down, Left, Right, Alt, Tab, Ctrl, etc.
Hooks – Generates alerts for everything in the internet. Like an upcoming movie but dont know when it will be in the cinemas, create a hook. Would you like to know when an earthquake or heavy dowb pour of rain is heading your way, create a hook. This app can notify you even for your favorite blog’s new posts. Another version of it was used in Mr. Robot
HTTP Injector – Don’t know what it does, but will soon. I am guessing it injects HTTP headers into things? I don’t know. Will find out then update this, watch this space.
HTTP Tools – This is a multi tool. WHOIS scan, cURL, Dir scanner, link crawler, CMS detection, WAF detection, subdomain detection, etc.
HTTrack Website Copier – Does what the name says, copies websites/webpages for offline view, phishing etc.
Hpyerion – Second favorite launcher, lots of customization.
IFTTT – If This Then That is an automation tool, you can use it to set triggers and actions. Eg you set Instagram as a trigger and Instadownloader as the action, each time you press the Instagram app, the Instadownloader will also automatically open up.
Instagram – Social app, photo sharing social media.
IP Location – Tracks IP address location.
IP Security – Network scanner, risk detection, speed test, ping, netstat, traceroute, network security, device security etc, very useful for infosec enthusiasts looking to strengthen the security of their home network.
Kayra the Pentester lite – Network scanner, Google dorks/hacks database, encryption tools.
Khan Academy – e-learning site – Want to improve your English vocabulary. Use this app, its the best.
LanDroid –  A network multi tool, Network scanner, IP Lookup, DNS, Port Scan, Mac look up, IP Calculator, whois, wake on lan, netstat, etc.
LastPass – Password Manager. Feature filled but apparently spying on me, still moving passwords from this to bitwarden.
Leena Launcher – Desktop mode launcher
LinkedIn – Professional Social Media, for people looking for work, etc, i use it to grow my network after all network determines net worth!
Linux Command Library – I use the linux terminal so much, on my phone and my laptop(virtualization), so sometimes i forget commands for various tasks, i refer with this app. More than 100 commands in their catalog.

Little – Taxi service app from Safaricom
Loop – Unbank yourself
Lost Books – Of the Bible
Luminosity – Brain training(better keep that mind in tip top shape)
MCo-opCash – App from co-op bank
Mega – Favorite Cloud Service, 50GB
Microsoft Launcher – My favorite launcher
Mind Tools – Essential skills for a good career. Teaches Leadership, Management, Business, Problem solving and more.
MiXeplorer – My favorite explorer and manager. From XDA(not in the PlayStore)
MorseLight – I made it a priority to learn morse code, and i did, but sometimes you want to transmit something faster, i use this. For those who dont know : Morse code is a language comprised of dots and dashes, it is sometimes reffered to as the on and off language. It is essential in case of emergencies. It is used by the military and survivalists.
MPost – Mobile Postal Service(Your no becomes your P. O. BOX ___________ )
Muvis – Status and Navigation Bar Music Visualizer
MyBackup – I use this to backup my apps, and media
mySafaricom – Safaricom’s app, very useful. Good alternative to USSD Short Codes
NetGuard – Enables me block internet access to specific apps, while allowing others. Uses a VPN service but not a VPN, useful for spying apps.
Network Manager – Network scanner, WiFi analyzer, port scanner, etc.
Nextcloud – Secure cloud service.
Nipper – Web scanner.
Orbot – Connects you to the tor network through the tor proxy. Enables a more private internet browsing sessions. Tor is probably the most secure proxy to use, while browsing the web because it bounces your connection through several nodes. Therefore any one tracking you cannot pinpoint your ip address nor your location. NB: internet can get quite slow due to the bouncing around.
Orfox – Though orbot passes all your apps through the tor proxy, it is safer to use this browser when you want a more secure and private browsing experience. It is a hardened Firefox.
Packet Tracer Mobile – Want to learn networking this is the app you should have on your phone and computer. It helps you learn how to connect devices to the network, even shows you how to setup a network, this is a virtual network, just for learning. If you don’t configure the network properly, errors arise therefore further educating you. When you download it, download the tests as well.
Parallel Space – Ever wanted to run 2 WhatsApps or 2 apps, use this.
Paranoid – Very few people(including me) forget to read the permissions apps ask. This can be detrimental to your privacy and security, as i have seen calculators apps from the PlayStore ask for Location, Camera and Microphone permissions. This calculator is definitely a spy app, so use paranoid to see app permissions and change them, it also includes other features.
Pcap Capture – is basically the Wireshark for Android. It requires a phone with OTG, and a Wi-Fi adapter that supports Promiscuous Mode aka Monitor mode. Haven’t really tested it yet. Coz my adapter got spoilt but will buy another and test it then I’ll update you guys.
Permission Friendly App – Does the same as paranoid, but in regards to checking the permissions app have, i would prefer you use this.

Photomath – As the name says, take a photo of your math issues and homework(Kids don’t try this at home).
Photoshop Elements – A great photo editor.
Pixel 3d – Icon theme
Posteroid – Minimal Poster Designing app.
PreHack’t – Network mapping, html tag analyzer, http header, port scanner
Protonmail – Secure and Privacy oriented email service, best free alternative for Gmail.
ProtoVPN – Best free vpn service
Reverse Image Search – An image reverse search.
Sendy – A delivery service. I use it to deliver products from Quevant e-Store(tech, gadget and electronics online shop) to the customer at affordable prices.
Sentino – Desktop launcher, useful for running Linux(UserLAnd) from my phone, to my laptop’s screen, using Scrcpy Android Screen Mirror via adb-andrid debug bridge(from XDA)
Signal – Most secure and privacy oriented messenger, good replacement for Whatsapp
Silhouette – app icon theme
Smart kit – Swiss Army multi tool:- torch, spirit level, compass etc
Snapseee – Favorite photo editor with double exposure
Socket Protocol – socket tester(Uninstalled)
spacedesk Beta – Use your Android as a second screen for your laptop/wifi enabled desktop. Requires Wi-Fi
Spyboy – Hacking and I. T tutorial app
SSHDroid – Transfer media and documents securely over Wi-Fi and connect to Android wirelessly. SSH Server.
SSL Capture – Network packet capture(Uninstalled)
SwiftKey Keyboard – Keyboard of choice, heard it collects key presses, so i denied it internet access.
Sycthing – Secure way to sync/share files between devices.

Tala – Loaning app
Taxify – Taxi service app
TCP Socket Test – Socket tester
Telegram – Secure messaging
Termius – SSH/SFTP/Telnet client with a local terminal
Termux – My favorite app out of the bunch(except from the necessities) . Terminal app. The best linux terminal emulater. Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection.
Termux Tutorials – (Uninstalled)
tPacketCapture – Packet capturing app. Uses VPN service to try to capture packets. For me it only manages to capture packets from my device. I guess there is only so much little you can do without root.
Twitter Lite – Lite version of Twitters app. Social Media.
Udacity – e-Learning
Udemy – e-learning
Umbrella – Security, privacy and anonymity tutorial. Offers physical and digital security training for activists, journalists and aid workers. Courses cover everything from sending a secure email to conducting physical counter-surveillance and dealing with sensitive sources.
UserLAnd – Second favorite app. Run Kali linux, Ubuntu, Debian or Arch linux via SSH or VNC.
Video Downloader for Instagram – Media Downloader for Instagram, sadly phones home with my ip address, and other data(Currently disabled)
Viral – App icon thene
Viusasa – Kenyan video publishing/hosting app(Kenyan quote: ni ten bob tu:referring to affordability of viewing videos on this platform)
VNC Veiwer – Used to connect graphically to Kali NetHunter in Termux LXDE
Voice Changer – Voice changer, useful in a manner of ways. Not forgetting fun.
Wali – Device spexific wallpaper app
Weebly – Website builder, drag and drop, WYSIWYG.
WhatsAppp – Online messaging service/app
Wickr Me – Secure online messaging service/app
Wi-Fi analyzer – Exactly what the name suggests, Wi-Fi analyzer and scanner.
WifiHacker – WPS tester(Uninstalled)
Windscribe – VPN Service (Uninstalled)
Wix – Website builder, drag and drop, wysiwyg
WordPress – Currently using it to write this, rated the number one website builder. Half of this post is written with this mobile app, while the other with the laptop from browser WPS Office – Office software, word processing, spreadsheet, pdf, etc
XServer XSDL – Running LXDE and other desktop environments, graphical. Eg kali linux in UserLAnd
Yahoo Mail – First email service i used, insecure been hacked 3 tines. But have some untransferable data in there, so keeping it for a while.
Zedge – Favorit specified wallpaper chooser and downloader, supports notification and rightones too. – Favorite fast, privacy focused DNS Server(Yellow pages for the Internet).

These apps can be found in the Play Store, F-Droid and XDA, And that brings me to the end of this post. It was a long one butwe are through with it. Stay around for links to all these apps, for now.

Have a Great Day


Stay Tuned for More

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