Best No Code and Low Code App Development Platforms to Use in 2020

Over the last decade, apps have become inevitable parts of businesses. More and more companies apply Mobile Device Management and Bring-Your-Own-Device policies, which lead to a productivity boost. No matter what type of enterprise you run, you may need an app for internal or external communication too. 

The market is full of companies that can code apps for iOS and Android. However, they are all quite expensive. experts selected 5 most useful services that will help you create high-quality native and hybrid apps for your business in 2020 with minimal investments. 

1. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is focused on producing apps for sales, order, and event management tasks. Besides, it offers robust solutions for logistics and various types of tracking. Although Zoho Creator was originally made for developing apps for internal corporate needs, you can adjust it for customer services too. A wide range of integrations includes Quickbooks for accounting, PayPal for secure transactions, customer services by Twilio, proprietary Zoho apps, and more. The standard plan lets you create and maintain 3 applications for $10 monthly fee. It includes 24/5 live support, 50 templates, AI modules, and layouts for mobile, desktop, and tablets. 

2. Verivio Akula

Although Verivio Akula provides nearly the same set of features as Zoho Creator, it’s based on different production logic. The service is focused on fast app launching and provides full assistance at all development stages. The average project accomplishment period on the platform is 7 days. The process is split into sections, such as installation, testing, integration, custom configuration, and training on demand. Verivio Akula is a perfect solution for any business when time is pressing on. 

3. AppSheet

AppSheet is a more niche solution focused on processing spreadsheets. It provides a bank of templates and an option to integrate Google Sheets, SalesForce, Microsoft Excel, Google Forms, WPS Office, etc. You can combine these modules with cloud storage, SQL Server or mySQL, GPS tracking, camera scanners, notifications, and a lot more. The entire development process in AppSheet is free. However, once you finish, every active user will cost your company $5 per month. 

4. Appian

Appian offers a rich low-code development kit for internal corporate needs. It lets you combine complicated features in order to make them simple to use. Appian apps support multi-source data processing and AI assistance, which makes it a perfect platform for the automation of internal processes. When the app is ready, you can export it as a web app or a native app for iOS and Android.

5. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a zero-coding app builder that allows you to select a design template and personalize it in several simple steps. The bank of modules includes chatbots, AI, AR, VR, and a wide range of integrative services. With a standard $18-plan, you can develop an app and publish it on Google Play. To cover iOS users and get premium features, you’ll need a $60 plan. 

By Stephen Ajulu

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