Formspree: The Best Form Submission Service for JAMstack sites?

Hey there? How are you? Today’s Topic? Form Submission and Management for JAMstack and/or Static Sites. And if you dont know what JAMstack is go check out this post: JAMstack, Headless CMS and More Explained and Why They Are The Future of Web Development.

I use WordPress for this blog(I mean it is obvious from the URL) but I have 4 sites to manage besides this. 3 are for My Personal Portfolio Website, Tech6 the Upcoming Online Learning Platform and my Landing Page(I call it the Home of Links) where all my links live for my Instagram followers. The other site built on JAMstack is my business website: OwlSec. All these 4 sites are static site or some form of JAMstack sites, i don’t need servers, the sites are fast even without optimization, use a static site generator and have static content.

During my early days learning JAMstack I struggled with form submissions and opted to quit using forms since the only other way I knew was PHP and my host didn’t support that.

And so, for a long time I relied on just placing emails and telephone numbers directly on the page, we all know and love spammers, right?

I would have to manually filter my inbox of spam and this was tedious. Finally I had enough. I went online and did my research again. I fell upon a few “good” ones but reviews read “They sell data to advertisers” “They attach ads to emails” and you know this blog is against selling data to advertisers. You can even check out multiple posts which i will link at the end of the article. So after searching, I finally found a blog post, can’t remember who wrote it and on which blog it was written on but they recommended Formspree. I went checked it out and tried it on my personal site:

To my surprise the service was great! And no this is not affiliated with Formspree. They are not paying me. Their service is so simple. Just add or whatever email you want to receive the form submissions in the form action and they did it for you(you had to first test and activate the link but it was a simple process).

Being a web developer, this was a great find and a great steal(since it was free). So every time I got a jamstack website job this is what I would use and I recommend it 100%. They have recently redesigned and done some changes to their service, now you have to sign up unlike in the past where all you needed to do is put

But the service is still great. I still use it till today but it does have it’s constraints for example to see your 30 days ago history, you have to upgrade. But it is still a great service. If you are a beginning JAMstack Web Developer I recommend this service

Of course you don’t have to pay, Netlify have the same feature but also has it’s constraints. So go check it out: Formspree and Netlify.

Now for the posts on data security.

Basic Data Security Measures for Businesses and Individuals

Data, The New Gold

Metadata, Data About Data

Privacy, Security and Anonymity: The Wonderful 3s

Have a wonderful day/night! Catch you on the next one!

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