My Favorite Android Apps 2020 – What’s On My Android

Hey guys! How are y’all doing this fine day?

Now today i want to talk about my top favorite android apps. The ones i use on my Android Phone: The Nokia 6.

Let’s begin, shall we!


Finding wallpaper can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. I use Abstruct. I think this is the best wallpaper app i have ever used. Just like the name says it features abstract wallpapers that look cool. All it’s wallpapers are tailored to your phone and all are in 4K. It features 300+ wallpapers. The guy who draws these wallpapers has drawn wallpapers for Oppo and OnePlus so they are definitely on another level. I love how he/she plays with colors. I think his/her name is Hampus Olsson.

Take a look at some of his/her works.

Absolutely Breath Taking isn’t it? And There Are More! By Hampus Olsson, Available On Abstruct

Get the app: Abstruct


I think this is surely one of the most amazing photo editors. I can’t say much about it since i use it occasionally. But it’s a great app.

Get the app: Lighroom


Honestly i don’t even know why you dont use this app to make posters. It’s the absolute best. I have tried Canva and Desygner and they are great but this! This is it. Easy to use. Many templates. Export is high quality. No annoying branding on the bottom and the one that is there can be removed right in the app. You decide to put it or not. I mainly use it to create business posters. Very good job Adobe!

Here are some of the posters i have made with it.

Get the app: Adobe Spark Post

Google Analytics

As many of you guys know, this is just a blog. I have an individual site where i showcase my portfolio and skills. You can find it here: Stephen Ajulu. This is a JAMstack site. Therefore no integrated dashboard to see my views. I also have other websites e.g My Company Website. I use this to get metrics and helps me know the amount of traffic coming in and if i should do some server balancing. I recommend it because it is highly efficient and shows the data visually. WordPress comes with it’s own advantages such as an integrated dashboard so if you are using WordPress you don’t need this. If you have any other kind of site especially static then i recommend this. I’ve been procrastinating on building my own. When i do i’ll make available the template for you guys to use if you want to. But for now this is the best app for it ofcourse there are things that need to be set in order that’s why you’ll need to go to the web version and set things up on your website with their guided tutorials.

Website: Google Analytics Get the app: Google Analytics


This is one of my most important note taking apps. Helps me stay focused and aware of things i need to do. I also have a complex password creation algorithm that i use to create passwords that i can remember. I store it in here. Even if a hacker logs in there’s no way he/she will be able to decipher it. Another thing on Evernote it has a very simple UI, it doesn’t overwhelm you with info like Notion(Which i also use and will be in this list)

Get the app: Evernote


I cannot emphasize enough my thirst for knowledge. It’s something i believe everyone should have. Medium is one of those things that bring you access to a bunch of info on anything. Infact i use POSSE(Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere). So am also on Medium as Stephen Ajulu. It brings you access to almost unlimited info on any topic including self help, I.T and more. Many even for free. You just subscribe to the topics, people and companies you want. Medium even creates for you a reading list. The UI is polished. And it has Dark Mode!

Get the app: Medium


My favorite file manager. Has a lot of nifty features including the option to start a HTML server right on your phone!

Get the app: MiX


Second favorite note taking app. Has way more features than Evernote. Good UI. You can use templates other have made. It’s mainly my productivity app. I use it to plan my days, months and years.

Get the app: Notion


Just recently discovered this app. It is amazing. It’s a voice recorder. But also a transcriber. Useful when in class or meeting because it almost instantly transcribes the audio into text. From there you can copy past to Notion or Evernote.

Get the app: Otter

Pages Manager

Man i have a lot of Facebook pages for my businesses, other peoples business(I am a social media manager as well) and personal accounts. It can be stressful running these on the main Facebook app. That’s why i use The Facebook Pages Manager. It’s simple and easier to use.

Get the app: Pages Manager

Whatsapp and Whatsapp for Business

I use these to communicate with family and friends, advertising and more. Whatsapp is my go to messaging app because literally everyone i know uses it or wants to be in it.

Get the app: Whatsapp & Whatsapp for Business


I think you have all gotten tired of hearing this app again and again. I can never seem to stop mentioning it. I mean it is super useful with more than 100+ potential uses. It turns your phone into a super phone because it gives you access to a linux command line. I use it to code, hack, download YouTube videos and more.

Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection.
• Enjoy the bash and zsh shells.
• Edit files with nano and vim.
• Access servers over ssh.
• Develop in C with clang, make and gdb.
• Use the python console as a pocket calculator.
• Check out projects with git and subversion.
• Run text-based games with frotz.

Get the app: Termux


I love learning. This app is amazing. It gives you new and “unfamiliar” words each day. Helps you learn new words you’ve never even thought of.

Get the app: Orphic

AZ Screen Recorder

This is my favorite screen recorder. Whether i am creating tutorials, trying to steal Instagram Videos(Let’s keep this between us! Shh dont tell) or marketing my apps, websites and so on. I use this. It’s great because it features an inbuilt trimmer where you can trim videos and basic edit. It doesn’t advertise it’s self by adding stamps on your videos. It’s easy to use.

Get the app: AZ Screen Recorder


As I’ve mentioned above countless of times. When a topic pops up in my head i research until i am well versed in it. I was recently learning about dopamine and this helped a lot. It has over 10,000+ high quality articles in multiple disciplines and best of all it’s free!

Get the app: Researcher


I think most of us already know TED. Very informative videos from all over the world, in a wide array of topics and in different complexities. I dont use it that much but i still think it is an important app to have.

There are plenty of apps i use and I’ll probably update this list frequently but here are my top apps. I have others eg Peak, Draughts, Elevate, Bitwarden, IFTTT, Google Lens,, Lumosity, Resplash, Sentio Desktop + Scrypy(my DIY Dex), Sendy, Skype, Slideshare, Spacedesk, Startimes, Termius, VLC, WordPress, Your Phone Companion and YouTube but i couldn’t risk putting y’all to sleep or even worse get you bored with this long list so those i thought most important are listed up there with descriptions but you should definitely check out the ones I’ve just mentioned.

Anyway that’s it for today. Have a fantastic day/night!

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